If You're Considering Re-Opening Bar of Soap in Your House, Then Check This Out

Back in October I accidentally stumbled across Tanna and Charlie Gilder's goldmine-of-an-eBay page and separate Web site, where the former Twilite Room proprietor is offloading his punk-rock memories. Which brings me to this: Last night, I came across a rather historic item the Gilders are trying to sell on eBay: Rollo's original Bar of Soap mural, the full-of-Fair-Park-imagery painting that once hung above the door outside (for three long years) till it was moved indoors and perched above the bar, where the more-or-less 19-foot-by-4-foot canvas hung till the club's demise in September 2008.

It ain't cheap: The Gilders would like $6,000 for it, but no doubt they'll consider your best offer -- because, look, they write, "it will need some TLC and restoration," and better you deal with it than them. But if you buy the artwork, the Gilders are willing to throw in some estimable bonus items:

"The Clock artwork and neon 'squiggle' seen in the painting and the photographs of the bar are to be sold with the painting. The neon sign was still working on the last day of operations in Sept. 2008 and has been carefully stored since. We assume it will be mainly of interest to people in the Dallas Ft .Worth area so it is for pick up only."

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