If You're in Vegas This Weekend, the Mavs Dancers Have an Invitation

Speaking of Your Dallas Mavericks, there are plenty of flavors of swank available to guests of the Mirage in Las Vegas -- like, oh, Danny Gans or THE BEATLES™ REVOLUTION Lounge. There's also the Bare Pool Lounge, where, from the looks of things, tops are not required for the mens or the ladies, nice. Which makes this a most interesting pairing: On Sunday, the Dallas Mavericks Dancers are hosting a "special poolside celebration" at the (let it all) hangout.

The Mavs Dancers will also attend a shindig at The Bank Nightclub at Bellagio. But the Bare invite's more fleshed out, as in: "Join these NBA beauties as they pump up the volume and lounge poolside to host Bare's Sunday afternoon party. Plus with Bare's Backyard BBQ beginning at 4 p.m. you're promised to not go home hungry as you beat the heat in style." Oh, beat the heat. Totally read that wrong the first time. As for why the Mavs Dancers are in Vegas to begin with, we just got word that they're shooting their next calendar in Vegas August 2-5 -- the first time "the calendar will be shot entirely outside of North Texas," notes the release. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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