In Citing Concerns Over City's Rising Debt, Angela Hunt Calls Out Mayor Leppert, Suhm

Dunno how we missed this one, but on her blog yesterday Angela Hunt took a long, hard look at City Manager Mary Suhm's proposed FY 2009-2010 budget and wrote at great length about her most major concern: the pile of debt that would result from bond projects proposed in the budget. She's voiced this concern before, but this time 'round she's (virtually) shouting in all caps; writes Hunt, "I'm worried about this. Really worried. Because if we have to spend $24 million more on debt repayment, that means $24 million less that we'll have for all our other city services: police, streets, parks, libraries, code, the arts, etc." It's a lengthy treatise in which she calls out both Mayor Tom Leppert and Suhm. As in:

I went over to the mayor, thinking, "He's a business guy. Surely, he gets this." Instead, he did that thing he does when he wants to dismiss any opposition. You know the thing I'm talking about. It goes something like this:

"We must do [X] to make Dallas a great city. If you oppose [X], you don't want Dallas to be a great city."

It's a hell of a syllogism, and it's worked for him through the Trinity Toll Road and Convention Center Hotel campaigns, so why not go back to the same well?

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