In Downtown, There's a Bunch of Empty History Waiting to Be Developed

View Larger Map Speaking of downtown development, about two weeks ago we mentioned that the city had compiled a list of three dozen-plus vacant buildings downtown, the purpose of which was to identify roadblocks to development -- at least, as far as Mayor Tom Leppert and the city's economic development folks are concerned as they work toward sprucing up Dallas' central business district. Several Friends wondered what else, besides the former Statler Hilton Hotel, was on the list; so did we.

At last, we've gotten our grubby mitts on the sheet of paper -- and decided to share the entire document, in the spirit of Rosh Hashanah and all. As evidenced by the link on top, Crozier Tech's among the properties; the building, a city-designated historic landmark, has been a thorn in the city's paws for years.

But among the many interesting items of note: Several buildings on the list are within the Harwood Street Historic District and the West End Historic District, and many fall within the National Register of Historic Places' Dallas Downtown National Register District or the West End National Register District, which means investors would be eligible for a 20 percent investment tax credit "for the certified rehabilitation of income-producing certified historic structures such as commercial, industrial, or rental residential buildings." --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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