Why do people want to protest Tina Fey? She's so talented!

In Downtown This Morning, Protests For and Against Palin are Planned

Twelve hours after wrapping up her debate with Sen. Joe "He Totally Won" Biden, Gov. Sarah "She Didn't Lose" Palin is coming to Dallas to collect some coin for the GOP at the Fairmont Hotel -- where she'll be greeted as a liberator! Which is to say, at least half of those carrying placards along Akard Street beginning at 10:30 this morning are likely to be fans; you'll spot 'em, no problem, as they'll be the ones toting signs that read, oh, "Democrats hug the trees, save the whales, and kill the babies." The other protesters will be a slightly darker shade of Code Pink, which is staging its Palin protest to prove to Palin "and the rest of the country that Dallas is not the backwater, redneck conservative town that Republicans counted on." Just remember, people: Car pool!--Robert Wilonsky

Update: Looks like the governor has a date while she's in town: Reports CBS News, whilst in Dallas to raise some Republican bread, the veep candidate will also be meeting privately with T. Boone Pickens.

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