In Liverpool on July 4, Reds Supporters Are Declaring their Independence from Tom Hicks

Texas Rangers fans know, sooner or later, Tom Hicks will no longer own the club -- probably not before the trade deadline, not in time to get Cliff Lee, but some day. Soon. Ish. And besides, for now, there's an 11-game win streak to cushion the blow; even better when it's extended by a come-from-behind late-inning rally. And so, we wait.

Liverpool FC supporters, though, are decidedly more stuck as Hicks hopes to make up what he says he's losing by selling the Rangers and Dallas Stars with his 800-pound English cash-out, though the Royal Bank of Scotland, to whom Hicks is deep in debt, seems to be losing patience. (Still: Landon Donovan to Liverpool? What the ...)

But Reds fans are not ones to sit idly by as Hicks drains the club. Liverpool FC supporters have put up billboards demanding the exit of Tom Hicks (and George Gillett, who'd really like to leave anyhow). They've come up with frame-worthy artwork. And they've written a catchy song. And, now: Spirit of Shankly sends word this morning of an Independence Day Rally on July 4 at the historic St. George's Hall complete with appearances by Reds greats, local celebs, an English Labour Party MP and former Liverpool mayor, the granddaughter of the supporters' union's namesake -- and a concert featuring Ian McNabb of Icicle Works (whose "Whisper to a Scream" was a teen favorite), John Power (of Cast and The La's), Peter Hooton (of The Farm) and other pissed-off locals.

Because, in case you didn't know, there's a plan afoot for fans to buy the team. I put the whole release after the jump. But here's an excerpt:

This is OUR club. This is OUR chance to make our feelings known. This is OUR Independence Day. Make yourself heard and be there. Help save and protect our heritage, our history, our traditions and most of all our football club.

Spirit Of Shankly Press Release - Our Independence Day - Sunday 4th July

The Spirit Of Shankly is holding an Independence Day Rally on Sunday 4th July at 12 noon on St George's Hall Plateau, to talk about plans for our independence from the American ownership of Tom Hicks and George Gillett. As fans grow increasingly angry at their lies and false promises, and the Club continues to lurch along, we will be talking about how we plan to ensure the Club's future.

The line up for the rally includes addresses by, Karen Gill - Bill Shankly's granddaughter and Spirit Of Shankly patron, John Aldridge - Liverpool legend and Share Liverpool board member, Steve Rotheram - MP for Walton and former Lord Mayor of Liverpool, Neil Fitzmaurice - Actor and star of One Night in Istanbul, and Spirit Of Shankly representatives who will issue our Declaration of Independence. There will be live music from Ian McNabb (Icicle Works), John Power (Cast and The La's), Peter Hooton (The Farm), John O'Connell (Groundpig) and the Sons of Anfield.

The day is for everyone, of all generations, to come together and hear how we can protect our Club and its future. We will be talking about Supporter Ownership and how our plans for a Credit Union fit with these objectives. Ongoing discussions with Partner's Credit Union will seek to formalise a relationship allowing all members and fans, a protected, affordable way of saving and safeguarding their money, which can then be used to buy a share in any future takeover/share purchase plan. We are continuing discussions with Share Liverpool about how the two organisations can work together to truly ensure a united voice, speaking out on behalf of Liverpool supporters.

This is OUR club. This is OUR chance to make our feelings known. This is OUR Independence Day. Make yourself heard and be there. Help save and protect our heritage, our history, our traditions and most of all our football club.

We can be 'true custodians'. For now and for future generations. It is OUR club - Not theirs!

James Mckenna, spokesperson for Spirit Of Shankly said, "This day is our chance to truly have independence from the current American owners. On what is a symbolic day, we hope it will represent the future of Liverpool Football Club, all fans coming together to make supporter ownership a reality. Our plans for Supporter Ownership, using the Credit Union format, means it is accessible to everyone. We can be custodians of the football club we love, and there is no reason to suggest why we shouldn't be."

He added, "Karen Gill, John Aldridge, and Steve Rotheram, like Spirit Of Shankly, have spoken out about the current ownership and the problems they have caused. Now is the time for change at this club, and we want to achieve that. We want all fans to come to the rally, hear what is said and make their own mind up."

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