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In One Easy-to-Read Chart, Where All the 2006 Bond Money Has (And Hasn't) Been Spent

A few weeks ago, following City Manager Mary Suhm's sneak peek at the 2012 bond program that will be but a fraction of a fraction of its mammoth $1.35-billion '06 predecessor, I asked City Hall spokesman Frank Librio if there's a doc listing all the things that have and haven't been done with '06 bond money. He got with Rick Galceran, director of Public Works and Transportation, and kicked out the 33 pages you see below. And below that, all the proposed projects we voted on six years ago, with a dollar amount for each.

That second doc's important, because as you'll note the one provided by City Hall doesn't list how much was supposed to go toward the individual to-do's. Just as a for-instance: Dallas Farmer's Market was supposed to get $6,636,760. But per the chart dispatched by the city, it says only that $611,271 has been spent to date and that its project status is "on-hold/delayed," but it doesn't provide the original amount set aside.

Dozens of items are under award, either in the design or construction phase. But you'll also see myriad items listed as "reprogrammed/cancelled," including a number of park playgrounds, each originally guesstimated to run around $170,000. I asked Librio and Galceran if they could tell us where that money has gone, and if there's a chart like the one provided that includes original cost estimates. Galceran responds via email:

There is a list with the projects and the amount that were estimated for each project. That is how we came up with the original dollar estimate for the bond program. Some estimates have been high and some have been low as was expected. For projects that were cancelled, reprogrammed or that came in low, those funds were placed in a contingency account and were/are used to pay for those projects that come in high. It was/will be also be used to pay for an unexpected project such as a bridge repair and additional resurfaced streets etc. We will not know the exact amount of funds in the contingency account until all projects are completed.
Which will be a while.

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