In Plano, Courtesy the BBC, A Little More Miss Sunshine

BBC Three
11-year-old beauty queen Sasha Bennington

Back in April, we mentioned 11-year-old Sasha Bennington's trip from the U.K. to Plano, where the most controversial preteen in all of England competed in The Flower Power Beauty Pageant. In tow was a crew from the BBC, which was shooting its second doc about Bennington, who was labeled this week in the Daily Mail as "Mummy's little Lolita." The hour-long film, Sasha: Beauty Queen at 11, makes its bow on BBC Three on Monday. Notes the Mail concerning Sasha and mum Jayne's trip:

The pair took a documentary team with them, and found what you'd expect at a U.S. beauty pageant held in a down-market-looking Texan hotel: mums parading their daughters like prize poodles, kids who look disturbingly like mini Celine Dions, and enough lipgloss to pose a drowning risk to the tiniest entrants.

Notes this preview: "It's harrowing, sickening ... yet oddly fascinating." Are we sure Sasha Baron Cohen had nothing to do with this? --Robert Wilonsky

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