In the Rezone, or: How to Transform the Land Around the Trinity River Project

Where now there is nothing, JPI envisions 60 acres of a whole lot of something.

As we mentioned yesterday, the city council's Trinity River Corridor Project Committee has a lot to chew on at its 9:30 meeting this morning -- like, for starters, how to tackle the Sylvan Avenue bridge enormous budget shortfall. After that, the committee will take up two agenda items that are more or less the same thing: zoning issues near the Trinity River that will reshape the landscape.

First up is the discussion of Irving-based JPI's desire to build a "pedestrian-friendly" retail, residential and office development on some 60.5 acres along Industrial Boulevard, southeast of Cadiz Street and south of the Union Pacific railroad. JPI, of course, is responsible for a number of recognizable projects around town, and today's is an important discussion, because it's among the first to delve into the implementation of the Trinity River Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Which brings us to the other big item on the agenda: the rezoning of the Cedars West, where there's not much residential -- because it's not zoned for it. The question, then: How do you transform an industrial area into one that's "a dense mix of office, retail, residential, lodging and civic use [intended] to create a destination for residents and tourists"? We shall find out. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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