Indigo Flame War

Popular link-collecting Web site allows users to make fun of news stories in their barely moderated comments section--the exact opposite of the no-comments, autocratic regime we run here at Unfair Park. It's rare when we make their list, and this week, Jesse Hyde's Little Boy Blue makes the cut. But with comments like these, we're not exactly angry at our lack of attention there. My personal favorite comes from Dallas user "Duke Phillips' Singing Bears":

"Let's say you're a hipster, stuck in the sinking ship that is Dallas proper (and baby, this ship is sinking fast) or you're a trendy little bastard, out in the Dallas' suburban wasteland. You're cool, you're with [it]--and you're just sick of all the uncool, uptight bastards you're constantly surrounded by. What are you going to read to learn about everything that's oh so tragically cool in Dallas? Why, the Dallas Observer of course! Where all the coolest kids in Dallas get their snarky bullshiat."

He then goes on to call our publication "Farking. Trash (It's not even well-written)." Thanks for reading, DPSB! -Sam Machkovech


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