iNeed March Appness

I have an iPhone. I have an infatuation with March Madness.

See, what I need/want/crave is a union of the two titillating entities. Like, perhaps, a 3D basketball shooting game App!


Okay you, Dallas Observer Jill Of All Trades Sarah Johnson, take it away ...

As far as my friends are concerned, I'm technology challenged. I'm the girl who still owns a flip phone, and is amazed that it actually takes pictures that can be magically transported to to other flip phones. I know, that was soo 2002.

I'm learning. Be patient.

The latest tech toy is, of course, the iPhone and the magnificent powers it possesses over its owners. Well, look out sports and technology geeks, because your worlds are about to collide.

Dallas-based Red Knight Learning Systems has just announced that it will be introducting a 3D basketball shooting game to the App store in the next two weeks. Just in time for March Madness. Well played, Red Knight.

So if you want to relive your glory days (minus the cheering crowds and scantily clad, bubble-gum chewing cheerleaders) in the comfort of your own iPhone biosphere, your dream is about to come true.

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