Inside City Hall, the Long Debate Over Love Field Contracts. Outside, The Bikini Protest!

Following up the Poor People's March on City Hall in June, activist John Fullinwider (seen above "as" Mayor Tom) and his band of bikini'd protesters took their fight to save the city's swimming pools to 1500 Marilla at noon sharp today, as promised. Alas, this time 'round no council members came out to join in the fun-n-sun (of which there was, ironically, little at lunchtime). They were, at that moment, behind closed doors exec-sessioning the Love Field concessions proposals, which council won't vote on today after all.

Nevertheless, our Evan Clinton was out there and brought back a few snapshots, along with the news that, sorry, protesters didn't take their dip in the front-yard pool after all -- that's a no-no worthy of a trip to the jail, for which many of the afternoon's attendees weren't properly dressed as evidenced by the photos above and on the other side.

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