Introducing ... Tom Landry Stadium!

Well, that's my idea anyway.

And it's a damn good one. Think about it.

In this crappy economic climate even Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is having trouble luring a 9-figure naming-rights partner out to Arlington.

So I say - just for the stadium's first year, mind you - Jerry should christen it after the Cowboys' first and bestest coach ever: Tom Landry. Furthermore, Jones should make the official announcement next Wednesday (February 25), the 20th anniversary of his unceremonial firing of God's Coach.

Today's revelation at the new stadium, at least we think, will concern a big-name concert event to officially open the building. I'll have the details here around 1 p.m. 2 p.m.

June 6 = George Strait. Yawn.

Instead of going on the cheap for a temp deal and calling it something trashy like Dollar Store Dome, Jerry would buy himself some time to find a more lucrative partner and, more importantly, buy himself at least another 12 months of good will from Cowboys' fans.

If not, I guess he could always go with my inital name for his undertaking: Jonestown Coliseum. Maybe LeBron James' simpleton suggestion: Dallas Stadium.

Or, perhaps you guys have a better name?

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