Irving Police Arrested Four Men for Carrying 1,700 Pounds of Marijuana in Their U-Haul

On Monday, Irving police investigators were tipped off that a U-Haul truck containing a sizable batch of drugs was parked somewhere inside the city. They found the truck in front of a closed business on Irving Boulevard, so officers set up shop, hanging back and watching to see if someone would show up.

It wasn't long before a car drove up and dropped off a man, who climbed into the U-Haul and drove off. Police briefly tailed him before pulling the truck over for a traffic stop. They brought along the K-9 unit, which caught the unmistakable whiff of marijuana coming from the cargo compartment.

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Just how much weed they were dealing with became clear when officers opened the truck. More than 100 cardboard boxes were packed tightly into the back of the truck. Inside was some powdered cement but mostly marijuana. The drugs would fetch about $1.6 million on the street, Irving PD says.

Police arrested four men in connection with the bust. Laurencio Hernandez, Jr., 44; Jose Alberto Flores, 25; Oscar Hernandez, 21; and Juan Luis Rangel, 36 are all charged with possession of marijuana under 2,000 pounds and are currently in Dallas County Jail.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.