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Is Dallas Getting Yet Another TV Series? Called Cutthroat? Made by Fox? Maybe.

On Friday, Variety published a piece about how TV networks and production companies are looking outside of Los Angeles when scouting for pilot-season locations. Which, sure, Dallas knows all about, what with Jerry Bruckheimer's The Chase and Midland, with Jon Voight, having wrapped principle photography here in recent weeks. The latter gets a nod in the Variety piece.

So too does another pilot: ABC's Cutthroat. As in: "Cutthroat will likely shoot in Dallas, for example." And that is...? "Cutthroat, from 20th TV, centers on Nina Cabrera (Mia Maestro), an upscale Beverly Hills widow and soccer mom who runs an international drug cartel." And: It also stars The Pacific's Jon Seda. And: It sounds like Weeds. On coke.

But the pilot's in the can; shot in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, matter of fact. Variety's talking about the actual series, should it get picked up. Shari Rosenblum, executive director of publicity for 20th Century Fox Television, says that it's a "possibility" and nothing more at present.

"We hope to be able to bring a production or two to Dallas when we figure out what's going to series," she tells Unfair Park. "But there's nothing official now."

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time Fox has done a show for ABC using Dallas as a Los Angeles substitute -- The Deep End, anyone? And, of course, FOX the network is shooting The Good Guys here till July, at least. Rosenblum worked publicity on The Deep End and says studio execs are quite content to shoot here: "I've heard Dallas mentioned a lot," she says when referring to series coming down the proverbial pike. "We've had good experiences there."

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