It Cost Dez Bryant HOW MUCH Not To Be Roy Williams' Bitch?

When he defiantly refused to carry veteran receiver Roy Williams' shoulder pads after a training- camp practice in San Antonio, Dallas Cowboys' rookie Dez Bryant got lots of support.

"Hazing is wrong!" some said.

"He's a football player, not an equipment manager," others offered.

"Dez is a man. He ain't nobody's bitch!" clamored more than one fan.

While Bryant was determined to "keep it real," Williams and other veterans like Jason Witten and Keith Brooking quietly, patiently planned their revenge.

Monday night they got it. To the tune of $55,000.

Bryant, whose contract includes $8.3 million in guaranteed money, was stuck with the dinner tab for players at Pappas Bros. Steakhouse. The receiver offered to take some offensive players to dinner, but seems that Williams also invited defensive players and, seemingly, anyone else that could have possibly been hungry.

The exact bill: $54,896.

Unless my sportswriter math is effed up again, that's more than a teacher's salary.

Said Bryant's Desoto-based father figure David Wells: "They got the young fella."

Paybacks are a bitch.

And they're expensive.

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