Rhonda Rompola, SMU women's basketball coach since 1991

It’s March. So, By All Means, Commence With the Madness.

Matt Doherty? June Jones? Um, let’s not forget about Rhonda Rompola. I’m not one to sit around on the Sabbath watching women’s college basketball. But there I was. And, believe it or not, it paid off. Flipping around the dish I stumbled upon ESPN2’s broadcast of SMU vs. UT-El Paso. After 30 minutes here’s what I can tell you: Rompola can coach. SMU can shoot free throws. And the Mustangs, for the first time since 2000, are going to the NCAA Tournament.

Full disclosure: I do have a rooting interest in SMU. Though my very vague kinfolk Haley Day only contributed one rebound in one minute yesterday, the Mustangs set a school ecord with their 24th win, a 73-57 victory over Conference USA top seed UTEP. When UTEP made an 18-0 run, Rompola switched to a zone that stymied the momentum. And when asked to seal the deal, SMU stroked 29 of 33 free throws.

Guess we somehow give athletic director Steve Orsini credit for this one too? --Richie Whitt

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