It Was Underwood Under the Underwear? Now, DPD Wants Man Who Dropped in Food Mart.

First off, the Dallas Police Department just sent word: "Thanks to multiple viewer tips," writes Senior Corporal Kevin Janse, officers today detained the man they believe may be the one seen holding up the Exxon Tigermart on Lemmon Ave. with underwear on his head. His last name is Underwood. (Update at 7:23 p.m.: Janse just sent word that the suspect "was interviewed by detectives and released pending further investigation," and says that his earlier note about the man being taken to jail was incorrect. Which is why, at DPD's request, I've retracted his first name and age.)

Now, then. Shortly before DPD sent that note, it forwarded along the video you see above -- this one, more thriller (for a few moments, anyway) than comedy. In it, a man can be seen dropping out of the ceiling of the A to Z Food Mart at 2120 St. Augustine Road near Bruton Road. Takes him a while, but once he finds his footing, he sticks around for quite a while -- and right in front of one of two security cameras that catch him in the act. Probably should have used an underwear mask. DPD needs help finding him too; anyone with info is asked to call property crimes Detective W. Jones at 214-671-0113 or 214-670-8346.

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