"It's Kind of Like Conjuring a Ghost": George Gimarc's Getting the Edge Crew Back Together

Back in April we brought word of the KDGE-FM 20th anniversary shindig that George Gimarc's been putting together at the Lakewood Theater without a cent from Clear Channel, which ain't got many pennies left. Well, George called this afternoon to remind us that, yes, the thing's still on and, according to his Web site, filling out with a few familiar faces, among them John Easdale of Dramarama, which headlined the first Edgefest at Starplex at Pearl Jam's request. (Says George, Eddie Vedder was worried folks would leave before the band played, as PJ had yet to perform in a venue that held more than 1,000.) Advance tickets are available through the site; George says buy 'em now, "as they're as cheap as they're gonna be" at this very moment.

Oh, and George says he has "loads of Tales from the Edge CDs" available for those who want 'em -- but they only go back as far as the Volume 5-6 two-fer, which features a whole disc's worth of historic DFW punk and new wave (Nervebreakers, The Doo, Telefones, Stick Men with Rayguns, N.C.M., etc.). And the Volume 9-10 double-disc set, featuing previously unreleased New Bos and Buck Pets, is worth owning too. You can get 'em at the reunion, where George expects all the original on-air staffers to show, even those long out of the radio business. "If you can remember them from The Edge, they will be there," he says. "It's kind of like conjuring a ghost."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.