It's Not Cheap to Mask Your Bank Robbery

On the other side is the Richardson PD bulletin mentioned here this morning, in which police say they're looking for the "Handsome Guy" bandit who's hit six area banks, including ones in Dallas, Irving, Plano and Richardson beginning April 19. Says RPD, his most recent stick-em-up was July 14, when he walked into a First Community Bank on Collins: "He was wearing a suit, sunglasses, and carried a black shoulder bag. He passed a note to the teller and then pointed a black pistol at her while demanding the money." And, of course, he was wearing the mask -- hence the nickname.

Turns out, the maker of the mask -- Cali-based SPFXMasks -- has had its product used in bank robberies in the past. A little more than a year ago, Boing Boing pointed out that this dude used "The Player" to confuse cameras; says here cops only nabbed him "when they spotted a Volvo with its interior splattered with red dye from a dye pack slipped into a bag used to hold the stolen money." And, clearly, you need to hold up a bank to afford the masks in the first place: Handsome Guy sells for $810. Not like the good ol' days.

CCA 11-113P Agg Robbery - Various Banks

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