It's the End of the Big 12 as We Know It

R.I.P, Big 12?

Certainly looks so, as the Pac 10 over the weekend empowered commissioner Larry Scott to proceed with plans for expansion. In other words, let the raiding of the Big 12 Conference commence.

Last week, news surfaced of the Pac 10's plans, which center on adding Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado. Said Scott of the rumors: "We're contemplating everything you've read about."

The Big 12's counter-punch? To put the pressure on ...


That's right, instead of a show of solidarity at last week's Big 12 meetings, the league has put its fate in the hands of the folks up in Lincoln. Nebraska and Missouri have been flirting with the Big 10, which covets Notre Dame but would accept the Cornhuskers as a boobie prize.

The Big 10 met over the weekend and took no proactive measures on expansion, which puts Nebraska in a bind. The Big 12 is giving Big Red a Friday deadline to announce its intentions:

Commit or Quit.

If Nebraska goes, so goes the Big 12.

I know what some of you are saying: "It'll never happen. The Big 12 will always be around because it's the conference of big ol' Texas."

I say the Big 12 is gone, to be splintered in some fashion. Because, in the end, money always trumps loyalty. Right, Southwest Conference?

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