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It's the Year of the Ox! Is that Good for the Mavs?

Don't know how I missed it - maybe it's because I'm from Duncanville - but Monday was the Chinese New Year. And 2009, as if you didn't know, is the Year of the Ox.

In the name of Wang Zhi-Zhi, what could that possibly mean for our Dallas Mavericks?

*So far it means this: The Mavs are undefeated this year. Until tonight, perhaps, when our ol' pal Don Nelson and the Golden State Warriors come a callin'. (Which reminds me, how awkward do you think the relationship is between Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson? Donnie downplays it when I ask him, but I actually think he's chosen his boss over his dad.)

*It means familiar face Darrell Armstrong is back, this time as an assistant coach. Maybe he can help get the Mavs' off their stock-market fluctuation roller-coaster which saw them lose by 34, win by 21, lose by 24 on their Eastern Conference road trip.

*It means they may - gulp - consider signing Stephon Marbury? WTF?

By the way, for the translations to the Chinese characters you have to, what else, jump ...


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