I've Had Dreams Like This

Till this morning I didn't know what a Wigald Boning was -- something to do with fish, maybe? Or a sexual position? Nope, turns out he's "a German comedian, musician, TV-moderator and journalist," or everything I wish I were. Only, I prefer his translated Wikipedia bio ("outer trademarks are glasses with cash and its rack suits from shrill substances and materials"). Anyway, that's him with Your Favorite Dallas Maverick, Dirk Nowitzki, in this brand-new ad clearly not airing in the U.S. and A. for Nike's "The Human Race," a 10K that sprints through 25 cities across the globe on August 31 -- closest one to Dallas, by the way, is Austin, aw. A making-of video is after the jump. And Dirk's got a big game today, by the way. --Robert Wilonsky


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