iWatch You Growing Pot In An Empty House

Back in October, the Dallas Police Department launched iWatch Dallas, its spin on LAPD's "virtual crime watch" intended to use citizen alerts to deter anything and everything from car burglaries to prostitution to terrorism. DPD says it's working as planned and that iWatch has "led to several important investigations that directly affect crime and quality of life in our neighborhoods," among them two recent ones in North Dallas -- both involving marijuana grow houses. Let's go to the release sent out by Senior Corporal Kevin Janse:

An iWatch tip came in on March 26, 2011, regarding possible drug activity in the 5100 block of Vandelia Street. Based on that information officers from Northwest Patrol identified a house they believed was in fact involved in apparent drug activity. The officers conducted a knock-and-talk at that residence and received consent to enter the home from a resident. When it was evident to them that marijuana was being cultivated in the residence, they contacted Narcotics Division detectives who executed a search warrant at the home. This subsequently led to the recovery of 2,563 grams of marijuana, related growing equipment, several handguns and ammunition, and $3600 in cash. A 27-year-old female, Cassie Jimenez, was subsequently taken into custody and charged with possession of marijuana, a third-degree felony.

Another iWatch complaint came in to the Dallas Police Department on May 2, 2011, advising of suspicious activity at what appeared to be a vacant house in the 7400 of Northaven Road. North Central officers followed up on the tip and, working with Narcotics investigators, obtained a search warrant. The warrant led to recovery of 121 live marijuana plants and growing equipment. Several suspects have been identified in this matter but no charges have yet been filed.

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Robert Wilonsky
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