Jack E. Jett is a Punk Rocker

Good friend of the show Jack E. Jett sends word: This weekend he's debuting a new"experiment" on Rational Radio (1360 on Your AM Dial) that's quite the throwback -- two hours' worth of punk rock, nothing but. Here's how he puts it in his missive to Unfair Park:

After a brief hiatus, The Jack E. Jett Show is back on the air this weekend with a new show and a newer show. After taking a few weeks off for self inventory, I found myself getting back to my roots, my punk rock roots. I created a music show, along with the Southwestern Texas King of the Mosh Pits, Mr. Rob Lobster, that would focus on old new wave and punk rock. The first show in this experiment will air this Saturday, from 1-3pm on Rational Radio. We hope it to be the most interactive radio show in Dallas with the listeners creating the line up. It will be the only place in town where one can hear Patti Smith's "Gloria" followed by "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang."

I expect the Friends of Unfair Park to post requests below.

And while we're on the subject of good friends of the show and the radio: Rawlins Gilliland had a delightful commentary on KERA-FM (90.1) this morning about his love affair with Latin music, which began with a 1950s local radio show. Did I mention it was delightful?

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