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Jack E. Jett Now On Actual Radio, More or Less: Clear Channel-Owned CNN 1190

Last we heard from Jack E. Jett, he was jumping off that sinking ship known as Rational Radio, which has since gone Internets-only. But today he sends word: The man's got himself a proper radio job that will keep him occupied every weeknight from 6 to 8 p.m. beginning Monday. Admittedly, I am unfamiliar with this particular Clear Channel property, CNN 1190, which hosts such shows as "Secure Freedom Radio" and Winston Edmondson's "Innovation at Work"; sure sounds ... intriguing. Let's ask Jack for his thoughts.

"When Rational Radio went down, Richard Hunter wanted to make this Web-only presence work, because he thought it was the future of radio," Jack says. "I am too old for the future. I ended up on Clear Channel through Winston, who I've done benefits with and who's a big right-winger. He called and said, 'Why don't you come over to 1190?'"

Jack worked out an intriguing deal: He's actually paying Clear Channel to be on the air -- now there's the future of radio!

Actually, Jack's not footing the bill -- ilume on Cedar Springs and owner Luke Crosland is actually sponsoring the show and paying Jack.

"He thinks I should be the voice of the gay and lesbian community," Jack says. "I am sure the gay and lesbian community doesn't agree with that. But for me, it turns out to be a better deal, because I'm finally working for a real radio station where it's much easier to get advertisers, and I get to split it with Luke."

Now, he has to figure out how to do a two-hour show. Five nights a week. Which'll be no easy task: Having once co-hosted his old Rational Radio talk show -- for which the guests were Al B. Sure!, Bob Barker, Gennifer Flowers and Joe the Plumber -- let me say, Jack takes his odds-and-sods line-up very seriously.

"That's the big challenge," Jack says. "I don't just go in and talk on the mike while I'm jacking my cock. I research. I want to have as many eclectic guests as I do and be able to do that with less research."

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