Jaguars 35, Cowboys 17: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. All you Tony Romo haters, how'd that feel? You wanted life without the so-called "celebrity golfer," you got it. By the way Jon Kitna, perfectly thrown passes tipped into interceptions suck huh?

9. David Garrard is a very mediocre quarterback. The Cowboys made him look like Johnny Unitas. Garrard completed his first 12 passes and finished with as many touchdowns (4) as incompletions. His passer rating: 157.8. Perfection is 158.3.

8. Alan Ball is not an NFL-caliber starting safety. A good special teams player, totally overexposed as an every-down player.

7. The Cowboys went oh-for-October and are 0-4 at home. I would've lost a lot of money against that happening. And don't tell me you wouldn't have as well.

6. Jerry Jones said he was "ashamed" and "dumbfounded" and even went so far to apologize to Cowboys fans. For a guy who wants it so bad and is so invested financially and emotionally, I sorta feel sorry for him. You? Still, I don't think it makes sense to fire Wade Phillips now.

5. I'm here to say that the Cowboys are the worst blitzing team in the NFL. Seems like every game Keith Brooking blitzes right up the middle 10-12 times, maybe more. And every time, almost without fail, he gets picked up, blocked and smothered into a non-factor by some running back. Yesterday Orlando Scandrick and Gerald Sensabaugh were similar harmless. Brooking has one sack this year.

4. You were soooooo right, Roy Williams. Kitna is, in fact, just as good as Romo and you and Kitna still got that magical Detroit Lions' chemistry. Add it all up and Williams caught one pass - one - and two balls thrown his way were intercepted.

3. Appearing on a Cowboys' 2010 blooper reel in the very near future: Kitna colliding with Marion Barber on the failed 4th-and-1 just before the half, Garrard walking - literally - into the end zone on a fourth-quarter bootleg touchdown and Kitna's pass bouncing off the star of wide-open Jason Witten's helmet. Giggle. But somehow not funny.

2. Never heard irrationally positive Phillips sound so depressed and defeated. After the game he admitted to being "distraught," "at a loss" and suggested the Cowboys have to "go back to the drawing board." Dead Man Coaching, indeed.

1. Happy Crappy Halloween!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.