Jane McGarry Needs Fans, While Texas Rangers' Creditors Need Reassurance

A couple of items before I return this urgent phone call ...

Got a brief missive yesterday from KXAS-Channel 5 anchor Jane McGarry: "Hi Robert! Just wanted you to know I'm putting up a Fanpage tomorrow at noon and would love to have you as a fan! I need all I can get :)" Absolutely! Here it is, then, appropriately loaded with teases ("Here's what's coming up on NBC 5 News at 5 and 6 - 5:00..find out who prays the most before hitting the sack") and pics and picks. Can't say I would have pegged Jane as a Timbaland fan. For those who miss her old blog and then some ...

On an entirely unrelated note, NBC Sports's baseball blog excerpts a subscription-only piece from Sports Business Journal that says Tom Hicks's sale of Your Texas Rangers to Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan may not be a done deal come Opening Day after all:

The sale of the Texas Rangers stalled last week, sources said, after MLB informed the team's creditors that there would be delays in responding to the lenders' concerns about the deal. The developments serve as a challenge to would-be buyer Chuck Greenberg's stated goal of having the transaction closed by Opening Day, if it can close at all, the sources said ...

MLB, acting as intermediary between the creditors and HSG, was scheduled to respond by Feb. 26 to their demand for more cash. On March 1, MLB informed the lenders that there were delays but did not offer details for why the delays were happening, the sources said.

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