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Jason Garrett: Red Jesus or Red-headed Stepchild?

As you'll read in this week's dead-tree version of The Sportatorium, hitting newstands tomorrow, I think Wade Phillips should be fired. Immediately.

No, actually, I think Jerry Jones should've walked down to the sideline in the third quarter of the Philadelphia debacle after Tony Romo unceremoniously stripped Phillips of his credibility/authority and yanked the coach right off The Gong Show.

Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett? That's a different story.

No doubt the Cowboys' offense - record-setting and star-spawning in 2007 - regressed in 2008.

But why?

Was Garrett over-paid and overrated during last year's 13-3 run? Or were this year's failures more a product of injuries (Felix Jones, Kyle Kosier, Tony Romo, Terry Glenn, Miles Austin, Jason Witten, Sam Hurd, Marion Barber) than the failure of his system?

I still think Garrett will make a good NFL head coach. So do the Lions and Rams, apparently, even if the Broncos pass him over.

What's your take?

Is Garrett still a rising star with innovative ideas? Or, as Romo and Terrell Owens hinted late in the season, is he a one-hit wonder that defenses have already solved?

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