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Jerry Jones: Drew Pearson Running a Ring-of-Honor Pattern, But Not Open Yet

Buzzing around radio row this week have been familiar Dallas Cowboys faces such as Tashard Choice, Felix Jones, Everson Walls, Daryl Johnston, Darren Woodson, Larry Brown, Dale Hellestrae, Michael Irvin, Roger Staubach and Erik Williams. And yesterday owner Jerry Jones made an appearance at the Super Bowl XLV Media Center inside the Sheraton hotel.

Greggo and I grabbed him on 105.3 The Fan for an exclusive after his press conference, during which he told us that ...

*Including the 5,000 standing-room only tickets inside Cowboys Stadium and the 30-people-per suite numbers, Sunday's game could break the Super Bowl attendance record before the folks paying $200 a pop to watch a big TV outside are counted.

*He has no doubts that Cowboys Stadium will be in the rotation for Super Bowls, possibly as soon as 2015.

*Sadly, there are no plans to induct anyone into the Ring of Honor -- including Drew Pearson.

"Tex Schramm made it clear that I should keep the Ring of Honor very exclusive and that's what we're doing," Jones said.

Jones, of course, is a one-man selection committee. But he gets help/advice. And this week he's received input from Staubach, who says Pearson should be -- will be -- in the Ring of Honor.

"You've always got to consider your Hall of Fame players when you're talking about the Ring of Honor," Jones said. Translated, I think that means the next Cowboy in will be Deion Sanders or even Charles Haley, both finalists for this weekend's Pro Football HOF announcement.

Haley won three rings with Dallas and Sanders one as a mercenary. Pearson was an 11-year Cowboy and a member of the NFL's All-Decade Team of the '70s. Of course, in the coming years Larry Allen and Darren Woodson will be knocking on both HOF and ROH doors.

Jones hasn't inducted anyone since Troy Aikman/Michael Irvin/Emmitt Smith in 2005. It's time for Pearson. Right?

"I will say this," Jones said of Staubach's stumping for his favorite receiver, "I take no one's input more seriously or more precious than that of Roger Staubach. But as of right now there are no plans for the Ring of Honor."

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