Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones: Texas-OU Welcome in Arlington. Terrell Owens? Notsamuch.

What Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wants, he usually gets. (Other than, obviously, a playoff win over the last 13 years.) And what Jerry has his eye on - long-term - is Texas-OU.

The game - tomorrow's kickoff is a ridiulously early 11 a.m. - is married to Dallas and the Cotton Bowl through 2015. After that ...

"Well, that would be great," Jones said this morning on 105.3 The Fan of hosting the game in Arlington. "We know the great tradition and certainly we would want to have that game be an away game for both teams and a home game for both teams and you can do that by having it at our stadium."

As for Terrell Owens ever calling Arlington home ...

I asked Jerry if there was any wild-ass scenario in which T.O. - who is deliciously struggling on the horrible Buffalo Bills - could return to the Cowboys?

"No," Jones said. "We're in good shape at receiver."

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