Jerry Jones Would Like Liverpudlians to Cut His Pal Tom Hicks Some Slack

In advance of the big fight at Cowboys Stadium this weekend, Jerry Jones spoke to, of all places, the UK Telegraph about a great many things -- such as his inspiration for the Enormodome ("I visited Wembley three times while it was being built") and how he'd never, ever, ever buy an English football club ("Not that I want to sound like it is not interesting and good, but I have only one interest, and I wanted it to be the perception of everyone, that all that interests me is the Cowboys"). But while we're on the subject of Dallas residents who do happen to own soccer team, he sure wishes those Liverpool FC fans would lay off his pal Tom (and, for that matter, Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke):

"First of all, Tom [Hicks] is a personal friend. Stanley Kroenke is a friend. These people, by experience, have a way of 'getting it'. They can and do 'get it'. They have the experience. Basically, I'm going to call it an optional quarterback play. It is not specifically called, and you run it the way the defense comes up. It is reactive. ...The situation has everything going for it, and the fans just need to be patient. I would be very positive about it. These guys know how to make things work."

In very related news, Forbes's just-published billionaires list is absent a longtime fixture: Tom Hicks. The magazine's senior editor tells a Liverpool paper he "just missed the cut."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.