Jerry Wipes: Now On Sale

Jerry Wipes: Now On Sale

It nearly broke the internet last week when, during the Cowboys-Giants game, cameras caught what appeared to be Jerry Jones' manservant dutifully cleaning his boss' glasses. The manservant turned out to be Jones' son-in-law, Shy Anderson, who immediately saw a way to parlay his brief moment in the spotlight into a marketing opportunity.

Last week, he told the Morning News that he had ordered custom eyeglass cleaning cloths with the words "Jerry Wipes" printed on them.

"They can also be used for spontaneous shoe shining, if necessary," he said.

He must have been kidding, right? But no, he swore he was serious, and now there's proof. Go to the Dallas Cowboys official online store and you'll find on offer steel-colored, six-inch microfiber squares with Jerry Jones' signature on sale for $2.99.

"Just think - one day you're standing next to Jerry and he needs his glasses cleaned...just pull out a Jerry Wipe and you'll look like a champ!" per the product description. Proceeds go to the Salvation Army.

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