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Jerryworld: The Worst Timeshare Ever?

Speaking of Jerryworld, as we were below, a Friend of Unfair Park sent his missus to a meet-and-greet with the Dallas Cowboys' owner last week. During that chat -- with "prominent citizens," says our Friend -- Jerry Jones offered this novel approach to dealing with the exorbitant prices being charged for ducats at the new stadium:

He explained to a group all the benefits and amenities of the new stadium. The most surprising [thing] was that the Cowboys would be the first team in the NFL that would allow a group to share a ticket -- no, not for a season, but rather for a game. You and four friends could all get together and purchase a ticket for a game. Once you got to the stadium, you could all drink and enjoy the atmosphere outside, and take turns (10 minutes??) going into the game. It's great to see that Jerry is making sure that all of his fans can enjoy the cowboy experience.

That, dear Friend, sounds crazy. So much so that I've tried reaching Cowboys media relations big man Brett Daniels to find out whether or not that's actually the case. Alas, Daniels isn't around: We've called several times, but he's probably out crafting a media release about how the Cowboys getting punted from the prime-time lineup on season kick-off day (September 4) and not getting any compensatory picks for the 2008 draft is a positive, in Jerry's mind. --Robert Wilonsky

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