Jessica and Tony Nomo? Whatever.

So, maybe we're done here; maybe this is the last we'll ever write about Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. Because, maybe, they're finished. As in: "Tony is now starting to blame her himself," says an alleged buddy of the Cowboys QB. "Before dating Jessica, he was Texas' golden boy. Now he's become a joke."

Which is true enough, for better or worse -- though, more likely, going one-and-done in the playoffs again and watching his QB rating dip into the low double digits in December had more to do with his punch line status than his shacking up with the former Mrs. Nick Lachey, truth be told. But, for now, we're done even if they ain't. As if, right? Right. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: Wuh-oh, not so fast, say Jessica's attorneys.


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