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Jessica Simpson Tells Cowboys Fans: You Gotta Have Faith. Well, OK, Then.

Photos by Patrick Michels

Reaching for the high notes. They're out there somewhere.

For those of you scoring at home, it took Jessica Simpson three songs into her Friday night set at the State Fair of Texas to drift into chatter about her BF and QB, Tony Romo. "Someone who calms the storms in my life. No matter what I go through, I know that I can depend on him," Simpson said.

The shout-out prompted cries from gruff-sounding dudes in the crowd: "Tony, you sweetheart!" Romo, surrounded by a bubble of his bros on a platform in the crowd, received them all with a huge smile. In fact, most of the flash bulbs lighting up the show were pointed away from Jess, as Dallas Cowboys fans snapped away for a look at the QB's pinkie cast.

Introducing the third song in her set, "You're My Sunday," Simpson waxed a little poetic: "This is about that certain someone who throws the football really good..." She'll be pimping her Fancy perfume today from 2 to 4 p.m. at the NorthPark Center Dillard's, for those needing a whiff. Till then, more photos after the jump -- one of the sweetheart, even.

A fan of her more recent work.

To all the Cowboys fans out there, Simpson offered that she knew times were tough right now, but we've just gotta have faith, and find someone as rock-steady dependable as Tony Romo. Or Brad Johnson, maybe.

Belting it.

Here's how I walk in these boots!

Could be a prize-winner next year.

--Patrick Michels

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