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Jill Jordan Out as Head of Dallas' Trinity River Project

Dallas Assistant City Manager Jill Jordan, who's been involved with the city's Trinity River project since I was in middle school, isn't anymore.

City Manager A.C. Gonzalez announced today that another of his top assistants, Mark McDaniel, will be taking over the city staff role in getting the park, and the recently approved toll road, built between the Trinity River's levees.

Gonzalez didn't say anything about the changes beyond the corporate-speak gobbledygook you might expect.

"I have realigned portfolios of some of our assistant city managers to leverage the skill sets and expertise of our leadership team. These strategic changes are designed to improve coordination and planning efforts in the City," he said, whatever that means.

McDaniel is one of the new hires brought in by Gonzalez late last year as part of a promise to shake up the manager's office. He was previously Tyler's city manager, and joined city of Dallas staff in November. To this point, he's been in charge of streets, sanitation, water utilities, and equipment and building services.

As for Jordan, well Jim Schutze has been writing about her involvement with the Trinity River since 1999. Jordan's been instrumental in ensuring the Trinity project's glacial yet inevitable momentum. Recently, she was behind the surreal City Hall presentation of potential Trinity park amenities, including the now-infamous juggler under the overpass.

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Jordan will taking over some of McDaniel's duties, bringing an "needed engineering focus on street infrastructure and buildings," according to Gonzalez, while Assistant City Manager Joey Zapata will pick up McDaniel's sanitation oversight gig.

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