News in the mirror is closer than it appears.EXPAND
News in the mirror is closer than it appears.
Joe Pappalardo

Crime, Scandal and Turtles: The News Week in Review

We know you're busy, so here's the week in review from the news desk of the Dallas Observer.

Big Guns for Small Towns: Suburban Officers Team Up to Give Their Cities SWAT Firepower
Southern Dallas and Ellis county communities formed a tactical group to provide heft to small town police that needed a boost to their tactical capability — armored cops armed to the teeth and trained to handle extreme situations.  

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United States of America v. John Wiley Price, et al.: Week Two
The second week of this politically charged trial comes to a close, with key witnesses appearing and both sides landing body blows.

Dallas Police Associations Claim Special Treatment for Assistant Chief
Claims of preferential actions cloud the response to a domestic incident.

Video: Onboard a Luxury Helicopter Flight Over Dallas
Watch as a couple of Bell helicopters cruise the Trinity together in an exclusive ride-along.

Dallas Police Arrest Couple for Murder Caught On Video
When people post details about murders on social media, making an arrest seems almost too easy.

Weekly Schutze

I have always believed the Groden case was the perfect window on how Dallas City Hall really operates. Somebody outside of City Hall, somebody high up, has the ability to call the city manager and basically order that something be done. So it’s done. The City Council and mayor don’t even know it’s happening. Somebody told the city manager and city attorney to make Groden go away. But he is a guy who doesn't go away.

 —Jim Schutze, from "Robert Groden, JFK Expert, Settles with Dallas After 82 Bad Arrests"

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