Josh Hamilton Continues to Troll Us Mercilessly, Says Dallas Isn't a Baseball Town

We tried not to hold it against Josh Hamilton for his occasional trip to Sherlock's, his ridiculous energy drink addiction, his snooze-worthy line of Christian clothing, and last year's collapse.

And while that bungled fly ball -- you know the one -- was hard to forgive, that didn't change the fact that the man had been the cornerstone of the franchise during its most successful seasons ever.

But now he's just trolling us. In an interview, Hamilton told CBS 11's Gina Miller that Dallas "is not a true baseball town" and that fans "got a little spoiled."

Hamilton doesn't define what he means by "true baseball town." Sure, it's not Chicago or St. Louis, where century-old franchises are ostentatiously part of the city's identity, but that seems an unreasonably high standard.

Maybe a better measure would be, oh, I dunno, attendance, a category in which Texas placed behind only the Yankees and Phillies. Or fans who put up with a player's off-field histrionics because they know he's haunted by personal demons.

Whatever the case, Hamilton should fit in well in Orange County, where America's true baseball fans reside.

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