JP Morgan Plaza
JP Morgan Plaza

JP Morgan Plaza Evacuated after Worker Finds Box Labeled "Bomb Do Not Touch"

At 7 a.m. today, a maintenance worker in the main building of JP Morgan Plaza, facing the Dallas North Tollway in Farmers Branch, was working on the seventh floor when he spotted a box. On the box was the simple message "BOMB DO NOT TOUCH."

The worker didn't touch, instead backing away and calling 911. Farmers Branch police promptly evacuated the building's 100 or so occupants, said city spokesman Tom Bryson. DPD's bomb squad are on the seventh floor right now trying to determine if the box does, indeed, contain a bomb. Updates as they come.

Update at 10:02 a.m.: "Nothing in the box," Bryson says, as in the whole thing was apparently a hoax. Evacuees have been allowed back into the building.

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