Judge Has Scheduled Tuesday Hearing Concerning Robert Groden's Intent to Sell Conspiracy Theory Materials at Dealey Plaza

Still waiting for Official Word from the city concerning Robert Groden's lawsuit filed yesterday concerning his ability -- or, in this case, inability -- to sell his conspiracy-theory publications in Dealey Plaza. But when we went down to the Earle Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse, we left behind one significant document: Groden's application for a temporary restraining order and temporary injunction against the city.

Says Lindsay Gilliland, an attorney repping Groden, "Hopefully he can continue his business while the lawsuit is pending."

The 15-page application follow. But in it, Fort Worth attorney Alex Tandy writes:

Issuance of a temporary restraining order would not adversely affect the public interest and public policy because [Groden] is an expert whose business and publications are educational resources for the public which offer alternate theories regarding the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy for those who may be interested.

Tandy also includes in his application a letter sent last week to Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm, in which he writes that, sure, Park and Rec says Groden needs a permit to sell his wares in Dealey Plaza. Only: "No permits apparently exist."

A hearing has been set for 3 p.m. Tuesday in U.S. District Judge Royal Furgeson's court. On a related note: Andrea's having lunch today at the new Sixth Floor Museum cafe, after which she'll peruse the new gift shop -- both of which opened today. A review of both is forthcoming.

Robert Groden's Application for a Temporary Restraining Order

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