Jury's Still Out on Whether Main Street Garden Playground's Still a Child-Sized Frying Pan

'Round 3 on Monday afternoon, the day after crews coated the hothothothot stainless-steel playground at Main Street Garden, Andrea was supposed meet Park and Rec officials to see if they were satisfied with the cool-down offered by the spray-on. She waited an hour, had a tea at the Lily Pad, then left. Her verdict: "Hot." So I went by yesterday. Still hot. Very hot. Not as hot, OK. But, still, hot.

But I've been trying to get The Official Word from City Hall -- since, well, if this $2,500 fix doesn't work, then more than likely it's back to Plan A: a $40,000-or-so shade. Assistant Park and Rec Director Willis Winters just called.

"My program manager was out there, and he said he had his hand on it, and it wasn't anything near what it was," Winters tells Unfair Park. "He said it was still very warm but nothing like what it was. ... He felt it was OK." But Winters says he hasn't been out there himself and won't till later in the week -- tomorrow, probably, when it's supposed to be 102 again.

"The verdict's still out," he says. "I need to go over there with other people and make a decision on a blistering day." This warning, though: Those rubber "pebbles" on the playground are hotter than any piece of equipment. Trust me.

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