Just Because, Texas Watchdog Sifts Though AG's Open Records Opinions

Just to see what's open and what ain't these days, Texas Watchdog's Jennifer Peebles sifted through a stack of November 12 rulings handed down by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's office concerning open records requests. Today, she posts the results.

About half of the opinions concern requests generated from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including one from someone wanting to peek at info concerning the Dallas Police Department's Chief's Ethics Awards for Police Kids (dunno...), another concerning the Dallas County District Attorney's Office's policy of withholding info about folks who file benefits claims with the county's Health and Human Services Department, and another involving a Plano man involved in a traffic accident demanding to see his blood-alcohol test results. Seems Plano PD wanted to keep 'em secret, to which the AG's office said, Unh-unh. Also: "Dallas police must make public a fingerprint of a child sex offender accused of abusing another child." I should think so. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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