Just Like Mom Used to Make

Next up, let's have a big round of applause for The Lodge, the socially conscious strip club where the entertainers are will to put their...their...their whatever on the line to support Latino immigrants.

No, seriously. On May 1, immigrant advocates are urging Latinos to skip work and school and boycott businesses to protest some of the tougher immigration proposal being floated about Congress. That means the regular kitchen staff won't be showing up to work at The Lodge, owner Dawn Rizos writes in a press release, and she's fine with that:

"But this does create one problem for The Lodge—as Chef Jose Luis and his entire 23-person kitchen staff will be absent from work that day. With no culinary professionals available on Monday, the Lodge is calling on waitresses, entertainers, bartenders, DJs, and managers to help prepare food during the brown-out—all of which will be free."

We admire the girls' sacrifice for a good cause, but don't sacrifice too much, ladies: Wear aprons--preferably those thick welder's aprons; someone orders something deep-fried, get one of the DJs to handle it; and feel free to slap anyone who orders "fresh milk," because you're doing this for a good cause.

And please, please, make sure none of the customers actually see you cooking. Getting a free hot meal from an expensive hot stripper raises all sorts of Oedipal issues we don't really want to get into--though June Cleaver in a G-string would be smokin'. --Patrick Williams

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