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Keepin' it Ambreal For One More Week

The producers at America's Next Top Model almost got us this week. Opening with the short, spunky Janet proclaiming herself the “house mom” and Dallas' Ambreal getting significant screen time, we weren't sure which model was going to get canned -- but any time a model gets that kind of attention on the show, things won't be good.

First off, the women met with Benny Ninja again to learn about posing with movement. By that, he meant making pretty faces while jumping on a trampoline. Thanks to her dance background, Ambreal was a natural. In practice Benny suggested she could teach the class, but when it came time for the challenge -- posing while being held up by an Olympic ice skater -- she came off as over-the-top cheesy. The judges weren't impressed. When Lisa won, Ambreal had trouble hiding her jealousy.

At the high-fashion gargoyles photo shoot, the women didn't fare much better. While Heather, Lisa and Bianca took to the shoot easily, both Ambreal and Janet struggled. Turns out, our girl is afraid of heights.

While she faced her fear by shooting at the edge of a high-rise building, her face offered only a deer-in-the-headlights look ... in every shot. Janet's fear wasn't the ledge behind her, but concern that the photographer could see her underwear. Since when are models concerned about people seeing their underwear?

Sure enough, Janet and Ambreal were the bottom two models this week. The panel's view that Janet still can't convey high fashion won out over Ambreal's uncomfortable, awkward photo, and Janet was sent packing. Before allowing Ambreal to rejoin the other models, Tyra Banks offered her traditional "wisdom": “You can't let the fear of heights keep you from your dreams.” Yeah, um, thanks, Tyra. --Chelsea Ide

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