Keith Olberman, Texas Motor Speedway Feuding Over "Big Hoss TV"

When Eddie Gossage last week unveiled the "Big Hoss TV" -- a 12-story, 20,633-square-foot video screen -- it wasn't just a coup for Texas Motor Speedway, it was a win for the entire state. Having North Carolina claim the country's largest jumbotron is something no self-respecting Texan should be willing to stomach.

Clearly, ESPN's Keith Olberman doesn't get it. During his show on Friday, the journeyman pundit declared Gossage that day's "Worst Person in the Sports World."

Yes, they call it Big Hoss -- of course they do! it's 218 feet long, it's 94.6 feet high -- the size of two jumbo jets next to each other.

Here's the problem. You know what they show on it? Auto racing. Because seeing faceless guys in helmets and visors driving for a few hours can't really be appreciated unless you see them on a giant television two-thirds the length of a football field with you guys staring up at it the way devil worshipers stare at fires.

It wasn't the personal attack that got Gossage, nor was it Olberman's snarky dismissal of Duck Dynasty, which is sponsoring next weekend's NASCAR Sprint Cup race at TMS and whose stars were on hand for Big Hoss' unveiling. It was the "haughty" and "smug" attack on red-blooded, stock-car loving Americans.

But this is silly. Olberman and Gossage are so busy sniping at each other that they are missing the big picture, which is displayed in high def on the 37,000-square-foot video board at Corinthians soccer stadium in Brazil. America is losing its edge.

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