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Kelly Clarkson? Check. Lyle Lovett? Check. Martha Plimpton? Che ... Wait, What?

So, we know who's throwing out the ceremonial first pitches tomorrow and Sunday. Well, John Blake, Texas Rangers spokesman, just sent over the final list of scheduled performers for World Series Games Three and Four. No surprises on the list of "Star-Spangled Banner" performers: Kelly Clarkson tomorrow evening, followed by Lyle Lovett on Halloween. But here's some surprise casting: Tomorrow night, Martha Plimpton will perform "God Bless America" during the seventh-inning stretch (she'll be followed on Sunday by United States combat veterans 4Troops).

Of course, Plimpton gets the nod because of her FOX tie-in -- she's starring on Raising Hope, easily the third-best comedy half-hour in network prime-time (after, let's say, Modern Family and Community). And, look, she can sing -- so said, sorta, the title of her January 2010 one-woman show at Lincoln Center. And she does one hell of a beautiful "Thunder Road." Still, FOX could find no room for Bradley Whitford? Or, at least, his mustache? Shame.

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