Landon Austin, secretly a Zapp's fan

Kid From Dallas Wants a Record Label Deal, Courtesy Doritos

So, Doritos is putting on a battle of the bands called "Crash the Super Bowl," the winner of which eats up some 60 seconds' worth of precious ad time during, d'uh, the Super Bowl XLII broadcast on February 3. And top prize also consists of a deal with Interscope Geffen A&M Records -- by which they probably mean a development deal, which, ask any musician ever signed to one, is more trouble than it's worth.

But, hey, let's not rain on teenager Landon Austin's holiday parade. He's the Dallas kid in the running for the top prize -- one year after he was named the Dallas Grand Prize winner of the Texas Music Project's 2006 Texas 10 Under 20 competition. (I came in a very close second.) Two years before that -- when he was all of 15 and attending the Episcopal School of Dallas -- Austin was a finalist in the same competition. So, he's good at contests. Vote here to help the "Acoustic/Christian" brother out. Shame, though, he didn't enter with his earnest "Chocolate Rain" cover. --Robert Wilonsky

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