Kotkin: Dallas Is More Than Just a "Rodney Dangerfield of Urban America"

So writes new geographist Joel Kotkin on Forbes's Web site today, a week after his visit to Dallas to speak to the regional chamber. Kotkin, who's already branded Dallas a World Capital of the Future, writes today that the significant bump in new DFW residents noted by the Census Bureau last week should only continue, given the relatively stable state of the Texas economy. But Kotkin says Dallas's boom has gone largely ignored outside of Texas because, well, we ain't Austin. Writes Kotkin Dallas, Houston and San Antonio are, unlike the Capitol City, "largely disdained despite their prodigious growth and increasingly vibrant urban cores." To which he adds:

In Big D, developers generally view densification not as an alternative to suburbia but another critical option needed in a growing region. It's widely understood there that many people move to places like Dallas, whether in closer areas or exurbs, largely to purchase affordable single-family homes. But as the population grows, there remains a strong and growing niche for an intensifying urban core as well.

He also says the Trinity River project has the potential to become "a signature landmark in the urban development of 21st-century America." That is, "if it is completed within 10 years, as now planned."

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