KTVT Now Has a News Director Who's Also a "Protector of Ethics and Ideals"

KTVT-Channel 11 just sent word: The CBS affiliate, and KTXA-Channel 21, has a new news director and vice president, Adrienne Roark, who comes to Dallas from South Florida. Roark replaces Scott Diener, who was summoned to Cali in January and who, in 2007, replaced the not-well-liked Regent Ducas. The Google Machine tells us Roarke ain't screwin' around:

As a journalist, I am a storyteller, a recorder of history, a link in the world, a protector of ethics and ideals, a defender, and a servant to the people in my community. As you can tell, I take this very seriously. I felt it important to share stories about what we face as journalists. You see many people right now feel they don't need us. They are wrong. Now more than ever, journalists are needed; are critical. We face an ominous time now and ahead. We need people who are advocates for the voiceless, for the down trodden. That is what being a journalist means; to give voice to the voiceless; to fight for what's right; to be an advocate for the people. This all may sound corny. But it's what I believe, and what I live every day.

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